A Dolphin’s Smile (and More)

Cindy’s friend Allison was seriously ill with possibly terminal cancer. Cindy takes Allison to a Florida dolphin/whale theme park where you can swim with dolphins who (it is purported) can heal people with cancer. A male dolphin, Henri, swims with the two girls and heals, at least temporarily, Allison.

One year later Cindy is swimming in the ocean alone in North Carolina and a group of ‘laid back’ male dolphins approach her, and in a teasing way, try to submerge her, and then ‘rescue’ her from drowning – while experimentally playing with her body.

Cindy becomes interested in a project of the dolphin researcher/expert Dr. John Lilly who believes that dolphins’ brains are equal to, and in some ways superior to those of humans. Dr. Lilly trains Cindy to spend time with an exceptional male dolphin, Eddie who turns out to be the most approachable of the dolphins. This is one of the dolphins she swam with helping her friend defeat cancer. The researcher and Eddie became friends. Eddie gets to know Cindy better as Cindy does mental and physical communication probing experiments with Eddie. They develop a non-verbal intimacy. Eddie not so shyly begins to stimulate Cindy’s female parts. This leads to serious sexual intimacy.

Cindy’s boyfriend has become predictable so she wants to try a ‘menage a trois’ relationship between her boyfriend and Eddie, who becomes part of the threesomes domestic living arrangement. Eddie sleeps either in the swimming pool or more often in the big house on an oversized heated waterbed with Cindy and her all too familiar boyfriend, Kerry. The unlikely threesome begin life together, a partnership, a serious sexual relationship together. The threesome have longed for a while for a child or pet to enhance their family and the threesome adopt a baby boy sperm whale who shares the swimming pool with Eddie.

Later, tension arrives between the now adolescent boy whale, Trigger (who starts acting out), Eddie, and Cindy’s human boyfriend Kerry.

Story Dan Graham, illustrations Antoine Catala